How to Remove Gatorade Stains

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A Gatorade spill on clothing, upholstery or carpeting doesn't have to turn into a permanent stain. You can clean both wet or dry Gatorade spots by using several simple-to-find household materials, such as club soda, dish soap or vinegar, until the stain vanishes. Red Gatorade in particular may take several different substances to remove it completely, due to the dyes used in the formula.

How to Remove Gatorade Stains
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Machine-Washable Fabrics

Treat a Gatorade spot on a machine-washable fabric by first rinsing out as much of the spot as possible under lukewarm water. If the spot is fresh, some of the Gatorade and its color will rinse out, making cleanup a bit easier.

You can mix 1/4 cup of bleach or oxygen bleach and one gallon of cool or lukewarm water in a clean bucket or plastic tub. Use an oxygen bleach if the fabric is not white. Soak the affected area of the fabric in the bleach solution for 30 to 45 minutes. If using an oxygen bleach, you'll want to soak the fabric for several hours. After you soak the affected item, wash it according to instructions on the care tag, using your usual laundry detergent.

Upholstery and Carpet Treatments

Whether the Gatorade spilled on the couch or the carpet, blot up as much of the liquid as possible right away with paper towels or an old absorbent towel. Blot, rather than rub, the spot to ensure it does not spread. It may take several different methods to get the Gatorade completely out of the upholstery or carpet.

Once blotted up, pour a little club soda over a Gatorade stain, using just enough to rewet the stain. Blot the spot with paper towels until all of the Gatorade dye transfers over to the paper.

If the club soda alone doesn't do it, you can add 1 tablespoon each of liquid dish soap and vinegar to 2 cups of cool water. Dip a sponge or white cloth into the liquid. Wet the Gatorade spot on the carpet or upholstery with the solution, wait 30 minutes, then blot it with a dry cloth. Alternate between dry cloths and cloth dipped into the solution until the stain vanishes. Dab the area again with clean cool water, then blot dry.

If any of the stain remains, bab <ahref="http:"" home="" cleaning="" tips="" a17312="" stains-fruit-punch-may07="" "=""> </ahref="http:>rubbing alcohol <ahref="http:"" home="" cleaning="" tips="" a17312="" stains-fruit-punch-may07="" "=""> </ahref="http:>over the area as a final line of defense. It's also important that you test liquid-based treatments for carpet or upholstery in an inconspicuous area first to ensure they do not discolor the fibers.

Extra Treatment for Red Gatorade

Red Gatorade stains can be especially difficult to remove. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a quart of warm water as a treatment for any remaining red stain on carpet, clothing or upholstery. Wet a white cloth with the vinegar solution, then press the cloth over the remainder of the stain. Leave the cloth in place for 30 minutes, then wipe from the outside edges of the discolored area toward the center. Blot clean with a small amount of water, then pat dry with a fresh white cloth.

For a washable item such as a shirt, soak the affected area in the solution for 30 minutes, then rinse and wash as usual.


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