How to Remove Wax From a Sink

Wax spills in your sink create an oil-based stain that collects dirt and grime when left unattended. Sink surfaces should be cleaned with care to avoid scratching the surface so it's important to use caution when removing wax stains from the sink. Abrasive kitchen cleansers aren't safe for many sinks, but natural home remedies clean wax from a sink without the abrasive cleaners and chemical exposure.

Remove greasy wax stains from sink surfaces for a cleaner sink.

Step 1

Set a hair dryer to medium and point it toward the wax stain in the sink. Hold paper towels in place below the wax stain to catch the melting wax as you liquefy it with the hair dryer.

Step 2

Remove the wax substance from the sink with paper towels until you've removed as much as possible.

Old towels can be used to clean up wax spills then discarded.

Wet a clean cloth with white vinegar and use the cloth to wipe away any remaining wax residue. Rinse the sink's surface with another cloth and plain water. Dry with a cloth.

Step 4

Rub the site of the wax stain on the sink with a used dryer sheet to remove any waxy shine from the sink.

Mary Ylisela

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