How to Mop With Oxyclean

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Oxiclean is designed for floor cleaning.

Mopping your floor with plain water or a general floor cleaner doesn't always remove stubborn stains from your floor. OxiClean is designed to help lift stubborn stains. The key to mopping your floor with OxiClean is mixing in the correct amount of OxiClean powder. A solution that's too strong will result in additional floor marks, while a solution that's too weak won't remove the existing stains.


Step 1

Fill a gallon bucket with hot water. Use the provided OxiClean scoop to pour one full scoop of OxiClean into the bucket. To add extra strength to the solution, add another 1/4 scoop of OxiClean. Avoid adding more than that, because a solution that's too strong may cause white stains on the grout, according to Mrs. Clean's House Cleaning and Maid Service.

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Step 2

Submerge the mop in the bucket. Remove the mop and place it on the floor. If you have a small floor, dip only a portion of the mop in the bucket.


Step 3

Begin mopping the floor using back and forth strokes. Flip the mop head over with each forward stroke. Let the solution sit on the floor for about 10 minutes.

Step 4

Wring the mop out and begin mopping over the wet spots. Pour cold water into a gallon bucket and mop the floor again, removing any leftover residue left behind by OxiClean.



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