Some Tips to Remove Floor Wax Stains on Clothes

Floor wax is a combination stain, which means it has an oily or waxy component as well as a dye component. Treating a combination stain requires more than one method. The oily, wax stain should be removed first, then the pigment stain. Always read the garment's washing instructions before beginning the stain treatment process.

Floor wax stains are combination stains.

Use Dry Cleaning Solvent

When dealing with a floor wax stain on clothing, use a dry cleaning solvent to remove the oily/waxy component of the stain. Apply the solvent before treating the dye stain. Dry cleaning solvents contain chemicals like perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene, and should always be used with care in a well-ventilated area. Some brand name dry cleaning solvents include Clorox Prewash, Energine, Spray-n-Wash and Shout. Spray or sponge the product on the clothes, then allow the dry cleaning solvent to dry completely before rinsing it from the garment.

Pre-treat Stain

Pre-treat a floor wax stain with a heavy-duty laundry detergent before washing it. Heavy duty laundry detergents include common products like Wisk, Tide, Era and All. Apply detergent to the stain, then use a clean, dye-free towel to blot or gently rub the detergent into the stain. Allow the pre-treated stain to set for at least a minute before laundering it. Do not use hot water on the garment before the stain is removed, because it could set the dye into the fabric.

Blot The Stain

Before treating any component of the floor-wax stain, blot the spot with a clean, dry sponge or clean, white cotton towel. Avoid using a terry cloth or fuzzy towel because the lint can come off on the clothing and complicate the rest of the stain removal process. Also avoid using a dark or dyed towel that could bleed its color onto the fabric being treated. Blotting the stain helps soak up the excess floor wax on the clothes, while rubbing spreads the stain and pushes it deeper into the fibers of the fabric.

Launder Immediately

Once the stain has been pre-treated, the clothing should be laundered immediately to prevent the stain from setting into the fabric. Wash the garment in cold water.If the stain is excessive, wash the garment by itself to avoid staining other clothing. The washing machine can be set on a normal wash setting.

Check Stain Before Drying

After the garment has been pre-treated, then washed, check the stain. If it remains, treat it and wash it again before drying it. If the stain appears to be gone, let it air dry before sending it through a heated dryer. The heat can set the stain, making it more difficult to remove. Some stains, if they are faint, will not show up until the garment is dry. If the stain remains after it has air dried, repeat the treatment and washing process. Do not dry the garment in a heated dryer until the stain is gone.