Crayon Removal From Laminate Flooring

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Pick up broken bits of crayon as soon as you notice them to prevent marks on the floor.
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A crayon mark on a laminate floor poses a minor conundrum. Harsh abrasives remove the crayon but tend to scratch the floor. Simply wiping with a damp cloth, however, usually isn't enough to remove waxy residue. Instead, laminate crayon removal can be accomplished by erasing the crayon mark with rubbing alcohol or other household substances.


Crayon marks can be removed using several effective methods. Before you try any of the following crayon removal laminate methods on a large area of the floor, first test in an inconspicuous area. This will help you ensure that the method doesn't damage or discolor the laminate floor.

Laminate Crayon Removal by Scraping

If the crayon debris is relatively thick — for instance, a mark from a chunk of crayon trapped beneath a sliding chair leg — pry up as much of the crayon as you can with your fingernails. You can also gently slice through the layers of crayon with the edge of a piece of card stock or sturdy paper, such as a thick promotional flyer received in the mail.


During such colored wax removal, keep a sheet of paper handy to deposit the crayon shavings. Throw the shavings away in the trash. This will prevent laminate crayon removal shavings from staining another part of your floor. Once you've removed most of the crayon, buff the area with a microfiber cloth to help remove any remaining fine crayon marks.

Alcohol for Removing Crayon Stains

Rubbing alcohol works wonders for removing crayon, ink and shoe polish from laminate floors. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a soft white cloth, then blot the crayon mark with it. If blotting alone doesn't work, rub from one end of the stain to the other, following the direction of the crayon mark, rather than rubbing across it.


Citrus for Laminate Crayon Removal

A citrus-based cleaner and residue remover lifts crayon from laminates without requiring harsh chemicals. Dab a small amount of the liquid onto a soft white cloth, then wipe the crayon mark from one end to the other. Continue blotting and wiping until the crayon mark disappears. Then wipe away the cleaner with a slightly damp white cloth. Blot the floor dry. As with other liquid-based cleaners, first test the citrus solution in an inconspicuous area.

Acetone for Laminate Crayon Removal

Acetone — the main ingredient in many nail-polish removers — also removes crayon marks from laminate. This is one of the harshest methods you can use to remove crayon from laminate flooring. Try this method only after the gentler methods failed to remove stubborn crayon stains.


When removing crayon from flooring using acetone, protect your lung health by opening windows and turning on fans to ensure adequate ventilation. Then pour a little acetone on a soft white cloth while wearing rubber gloves. Use just enough acetone to make the cloth damp but not dripping wet. Blot the affected area of the floor to remove the crayon mark. Follow up by cleaning the area with a water-dampened cloth. Then blot the area dry.


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