How to Use a Front-Loading Washing Machine

Front-loading washing machines are more efficient than the top-loading models. They use gravity to agitate the clothes, which requires less energy. There is no agitator in the middle of the basin, allowing you to save energy by washing more clothes in one load. It is easier to use a front-loading washing machine because you do not have to lift the heavy wet clothes up out of the top of the unit.

Step 1

Sort your laundry so that the light-colored items are separate from the dark-colored items. Remove all contents from the pockets. Coins or other metal objects can damage the inside of the drum while it is spinning.

Step 2

Open the front door and load the clothing into the washing machine. Check the owner's manual for the maximum load size. Overloading the washing machine may interfere with its ability to spin the clothes and rinse them clean.

Step 3

Fill the detergent receptacle on the front of the washing machine, making sure not to fill it past the indicated line. Always use a liquid detergent that is designed for front-loading washing machines.

Step 4

Add bleach or fabric softener, if needed. Most front-loading washing machines have a section for fabric softener inside the detergent receptacle. Check the instructions on the bleach to find out when it should be added to the washing machine.

Step 5

Close the front door of the washing machine and make sure it locks into place. The machine usually will not turn on unless the door is securely locked.

Step 6

Check the owner's manual to find out how to select the different options and wash cycles. As a general rule, use warm or cold water for most types of colored clothing. Hot water should only be used when washing white cotton items.

Step 7

Start the front-loading washing machine and let it run through the entire wash, rinse and spin cycles before opening the door to unload the clothing.