How to Prevent Sheets From Balling Up in the Dryer

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Things You'll Need

  • Tennis ball or dryer ball

  • Clean, dry bath towel


Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as the cycle ends, and fold them or replace them on the bed. Wrinkles develop if the sheets remain crumpled in the dryer.


Follow the laundering instructions on the manufacturer's care tag.

Frequent laundering keeps your sheets fresh for a good night's sleep, but large bed sheets can be cumbersome to handle, especially in an apartment-sized washer and dryer. Sheets tend to twist and ball up when they don't have ample room to toss. Other items in the dryer can tangle in the sheets, resulting in damp fabrics at the end of the cycle. A few simple tricks can help you have wrinkle-free sheets straight out of the dryer for a clean, neat bed that can help you sleep better and awaken refreshed.


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Step 1

Remove clean bed sheets from the washer. Open the sheets, shaking them to remove any twists and to dislodge pillow cases or other items embedded in the folds. Place the bedding loosely in the dryer.


Step 2

Avoid overloading the dryer. A small capacity dryer may work best if you dry one sheet at a time, especially if you have over-sized sheets for a deep mattress or a king size bed. The dryer needs room to fluff air throughout the items in the drum.


Step 3

Add a clean tennis ball or dryer ball along with the sheets. As the drum rotates, the tennis ball is tossed with the sheets, helping to separate twists and folds in the fabric.


Step 4

Place a clean, dry bath towel in the dryer with the sheets in lieu of a tennis or dryer ball. Untwist the damp sheets and unfold the towel completely, then tumble them together until dry.