How to Clean Sheetrock Dust From the Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Dry mop

  • Wet mop or sponge

  • Carpet-cleaning machine


Cover carpeted areas with a sheet of plastic prior to sanding spackle from sheetrock. This will make clean-up a lot easier, and less time consuming.

Sheetrock dust is created when spackle is sanded from the joins in sheetrock walls. The dust is very fine, and difficult to clean up. Many vacuum manufacturers advise against using a vacuum to clean up dust from sheetrock dust. The dust is so fine that much of it can get through the filter and ruin the motor of the vacuum. For vacuums with a HEPA filter, the dust plugs up the filter so fast that it needs to be emptied constantly. Wet-cleaning methods are the best way to clean sheetrock dust from the floor.


Step 1

Dry mop the floor thoroughly. Do not use a broom, as sweeping sheetrock dust throws a lot of the dust in the air, only to settle right back down.

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Step 2

Use a wet mop or a wet sponge to wash the floor completely. The water will make the sheetrock dust easy to clean up. However, the sponge or mop will require a lot of rinsing.

Step 3

Clean the mop or sponge and refill the bucket with fresh water, as needed. The floor will likely need to be washed more than once.


Step 4

If the floor is carpeted, gently sweep the carpet to move as much of the sheetrock dust as possible from the surface. Clean up with a dust pan.

Step 5

For carpeted floors, use a carpet-cleaning machine with clear water to clean up sheetrock dust. Work in small sections, and clean each section at least twice to remove the dust that has settled down into the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly to prevent mold.


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