How to Clean Shiny, Sealed Concrete Floors

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Concrete is often considered an outdoor material, suitable for driveways or garage work surfaces. Sealed concrete, however, can be decorative and is a good, low maintenance alternative for indoor flooring. Because sealed concrete is non-porous, it resists most stains and is, therefore, exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Step 1

Sweep your concrete floor well. If you have a high-powered vacuum cleaner that will suck up the dirt, you can even use that instead.


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Step 2

Use a dust mop after sweeping. This will remove small particles the broom (or vacuum) might have missed.

Step 3

Mix warm water and a few drops of a mild detergent (dish detergent or a mild laundry detergent) in your mop bucket. Mop the floor with this solution. You can use any kind of mop you choose--standard or sponge. If concrete has greasy food stains, pour a little extra detergent (preferably dish detergent, in this case) on the stains and scrub it with the mop. You can use a soft-bristled brush or scrub pad to loosen stuck-on grime from the floor, if necessary.


Step 4

Use an ammonia solution on stubborn stains, as suggested by (see ref.). Mix a solution of three parts water to one part ammonia in your mop bucket and mop the stained area.

Step 5

Rinse out your mop and then go over the floor with clean rinse water. To speed drying you can rub towels over the floor, or you can just let it air dry.



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