How to Kill a Fly With Air Freshener

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Flies are insects that feed off of most types of food waste. A fly in the house can quickly reproduce and may be irritating to live around. If you wish to kill flies without the use of a swatter or harsh chemicals, use a can of household air freshener to poison the fly.


Step 1

Keep a can of air freshener on hand.

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Step 2

Wait for the fly to land on a surface.

Step 3

Slowly grab the air freshener and sneak toward the fly, avoiding any sudden movements.

Step 4

Move your arm slowly until you are holding the nozzle of the can close enough to spray the fly with mist.

Step 5

Press the spray button quickly and hold it down so that the air freshener coats the fly's wings. The coating makes it difficult for the fly to escape.

Step 6

Spray the fly again once it falls and it should die within a few minutes.