How to Use the AquaMate Rainbow Shampooer

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The AquaMate attachment for the Rainbow Cleaning System tackles tough stains such as grease and mud that are often left behind after vacuuming. A concentrated soap solution mixed with water shampoos the carpet, removing all kinds of debris while helping get rid of stains from the carpet fibers. The AquaMate can even suck up spills of liquids that may otherwise stain the carpet or damage the floor.

How to Use the AquaMate Rainbow Shampooer
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Vacuum First

Vacuum the entire carpet using the Rainbow without the AquaMate attached. If treating a fresh liquid spill, attach the AquaMate portion and set it to "extraction," running the vacuum over the affected areas until no more liquid comes up. Once you're finished vacuuming debris and liquids, empty the Rainbow's collection reservoir, sometimes called the water basin, then rinse it thoroughly.

Preparing the AquaMate

Insert the male end of the Rainbow's wand into the hole on top of the AquaMate, pressing until the wand clicks in place. Add one capful of the Rainbow AquaMate Concentrated Carpet Shampoo into the soap reservoir on the AquaMate. Fill the rest of the reservoir with cool tap water, then replace and tighten the lid. Wipe up any spilled water on the tank. Press the reservoir or tank onto the AquaMate's rolling base, if not already attached. It should lock in place.

Cleaning the Carpet

Select the "soap and water" option on the AquaMate device, then select "high" on the Rainbow. Squeeze the trigger on the wand handle as you run the AquaMate back and forth slowly over the carpet, as if vacuuming. After shampooing the entire area, switch the AquaMate to "water only" to rinse the carpet. Squeeze the trigger and go over the entire carpet again. Finally, set the device to "extract" and run the AquaMate slowly over the carpet. The goal is to remove as much water as possible from the carpet, so the slower, the better. Feel free to go over the carpet a second time to remove even more water. Wait several hours or until the carpet is dry before walking upon it. Drying time varies based upon humidity and the thickness of the carpet.

Cleaning the Rainbow and AquaMate

Empty the Rainbow water collection basin into a sink drain, then rinse it to remove any remaining residue. Rinse out the AquaMate's tank as well until the water no longer appears soapy. Allow both items to dry completely. Check the roller portion on the bottom of the AquaMate device, removing any lint, pet hair and debris caught on the roller assembly.


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