How to Use the AquaMate Rainbow Shampooer

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner uses water instead of vacuum cleaner bags. The water traps dirt that the machine sucks in. After cleaning, you only have to discard the water and refill it before using the Rainbow again. You can use the Rainbow vacuum cleaner on its own or use the various accessories. The AquaMate accessory works with the Rainbow to clean your carpet using water and a special shampoo. The carpet dries quickly after treatment with AquaMate.

Step 1

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly using the Rainbow. Empty the dirty water in the Rainbow.

Step 2

Fill the AquaMate tank about half full with lukewarm water. Hot water can damage the carpet, while cold water can't produce the best results.

Step 3

Place the AquaMate tank on the Rainbow's platform, and then place the empty Rainbow water basin on the AquaMate tank. The water that you extract from the carpet will go into the Rainbow water basin. Place the Rainbow on the water basin and fasten them all together.

Step 4

Fill the AquaMate bottle with 1 cup shampoo and attach it to the AquaMate handle.

Step 5

Fit the attachment hose into the AquaMate handle.

Step 6

Take the end of the clear tube that comes out of the AquaMate handle and attach it to the AquaMate head.

Step 7

Fit the other end of the attachment hose to the Rainbow.

Step 8

Hold the end of the electric cord that comes out of the AquaMate tank and plug it into the socket located above where the attachment hose meets the Rainbow.

Step 9

Attach the double clear tubing to the sockets at the bottom of the AquaMate tank.

Step 10

Plug the electrical cord into a wall socket and turn on the Rainbow. Turn the knob on the AquaMate handle to the bubble icon.

Step 11

Place the AquaMate head on the carpet and squeeze the trigger on the handle to release the shampoo into the carpet. Work in 3-by-3-feet sections until you cover the entire area. Empty the water in the Rainbow water basin when it starts to become full and place it back on the machine.

Step 12

Turn the knob on the AquaMate handle to the icon with the picture of bubbles crossed with a line. Cover the entire area with the AquaMate head again section by section to rinse the carpet.