Removing Green From a Rubbed Bronze Faucet With Oil

Rubbed bronze faucets might be sophisticated fittings, but they look a lot less sophisticated when mottled with green spots. Being a copper alloy, bronze behaves in similar ways to pure copper, notably in acquiring a green patina over time. The damp atmosphere of bathrooms can speed up the process. Additionally, a chemical reaction between bronze, the chlorides in some cleaners and the air causes "bronze disease" – characterized by green spots and corrosion. Abrasive or acidic cleaners, including vinegar, may damage the surface. Oil is gentler on bronze than most bathroom cleaners and might remove certain stains more effectively than plain soap and water.

Step 1

Turn the bathroom fan on or open the window and doors, so the bathroom isn't too humid.

Step 2

Dry the faucets carefully with a soft cloth or paper towels, removing all traces of moisture and any dust.

Step 3

Drip olive or mineral oil onto another cloth, and wipe the faucets gently, increasing the pressure if necessary.

Step 4

Wipe excess oil from the faucets with another cloth once you have removed all or most of the green.

Step 5

Sponge down the faucets with water to remove the last traces of oil, and dry them.

Step 6

Rub a little furniture wax into the faucets, and buff with a clean cloth to give them extra protection.