How to Remove Burned On Food From Corningware

CorningWare is a brand of bakeware manufactured by World Kitchen, LLC. The dishes resemble stoneware and are actually made of glass ceramic. Although they are heavy and durable, their shiny white surfaces prevent you from using certain cleaning methods to scrub off stains. Metal tools and scouring pads mar the surface of the dishes and make them less resistant to staining. Cleaning burned-on food requires special tactics and additional elbow grease.

Step 1

Loosen any large chunks of stuck, burned-on food from the dish using a wood or plastic spatula and scrape the food into the trash.

Step 2

Squirt a teaspoon of dish detergent on top of the stain and run about an inch of hot water into the dish. Let it soak in the sink for one hour.

Step 3

Use the spatula to scrape off the loosened food and discard the chunks.

Step 4

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees if the burned-on food persists. Squirt another teaspoon of detergent into the pan and add another inch of water to make it foamy. Place the CorningWare in the oven and bake until the water starts bubbling from the heat. The hot water will loosen the stuck food.

Step 5

Remove the CorningWare from the oven carefully, and again use the spatula to scrape off the food. Drain the water.

Step 6

Use a small plastic scrubber or green scrub pad to buff off any small specks that remain on the bottom.

Step 7

Place a stopper in your sink and fill it with hot soapy water if food is stuck to your glass CorningWare lid.

Step 8

Soak the lid for an hour and pull it out to try to push the food off with your scrubber. If the food resists, refresh the water and soak for an additional hour. Repeat until the stain comes off.

Margaret Bryant

Margaret Bryant is a long-time resident of North Carolina. She has recently written extensively for GolfLink and eHow. She has been writing for publication since 1999. Bryant holds a Bachelor of Arts in English language/literature.