How to Treat My Home for Sarcoptic Mange

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Sarcoptic mange is another term for scabies, a condition that causes itchiness and damage to the skin. It is caused by the presence of microscopic mites that burrow into the skin. When the female mites lay eggs, a toxin is released which causes itchiness and rashes. These mites can live in bedding, clothing, carpets and furniture and are contagious.

Step 1

Treat the patient in accordance to professional instructions. It is essential that the patient is properly diagnosed and treatment is begun before you disinfect your home.


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Step 2

Check other persons or dogs who have come into contact with the infected person. As mange is contagious, it's likely that others will be infected. Treatment must begin for everyone in the household to stop reinfection.

Step 3

Collect the clothing and bedding of anyone who is infected. Everything the person has used must be washed. Remember to include coats, furniture throws and teddy bears.


Step 4

Wash all infected clothing using the hottest water setting possible with detergent. If you need to split the items into more than one wash, ensure clean clothes do not come into contact with infected clothes.

Step 5

Dry clothes immediately after washing, using your tumble dryer's hottest setting.


Step 6

Place any items that cannot be washed in a sealed bag or container. These must remain sealed for three days, or more if possible. Mites cannot survive longer than 72 hours without human contact.

Step 7

Clean upholstery and carpets as thoroughly as possible. Use a carpet cleaner and carpet shampoo in every room and vacuum. Dispose of the vacuum bag carefully after use, as mites may be present. If your vacuum does not use a bag, empty and disinfect the chamber before reusing the vacuum.



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