How to Clean Bronze Without Removing Patina

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Natural patina makes bronze objects more valuable.

Distinguished by its yellowish-brown color, bronze is a mixture of copper and tin and sometimes other elements. Household fixtures, jewelry, statues, and medals are often made of bronze. Since bronze objects contain large amounts of copper, their finish naturally changes color from exposure to oxygen. Many bronze collectors like to preserve bronze's patina because it reflects an object's age and history. Fortunately, you can clean bronze without removing its natural patina.


Step 1

Rub a dry cotton cloth gently over the entire bronze object to remove dust. Always apply light pressure to the bronze.

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Step 2

Scrub the entire bronze object gently with a soft brush to remove grime. Focus on crevices in the bronze where grime collects.

Step 3

Apply wax to the bronze. Begin by dipping a new, 1-inch-wide paintbrush into clear paste wax. Apply only a small amount of wax to the paintbrush.


Step 4

Sweep the paintbrush gently over the bronze surface. Lightly coat the entire bronze surface, including the crevices, with a thin layer of the paste wax. Let the wax dry according to the product's directions.

Step 5

Buff the bronze gently with a dry cotton cloth to remove wax residue.

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