How to Clean T-Fal Frying Pans

T-Fal is durable brand of cookware that has a non-stick surface. T-Fal cookware, such as frying pans, can last years when properly care for. This makes it important to know how to clean the frying pans in a way that removes all dirt, debris and stains without scratching the non-stick finish. Stay away from metal spatulas and utensils, as this quickly removes the T-Fal non-stick finish, making your frying pans look bad and function poorly.

Clean your T-Fal frying pan with a nylon scrubber.

Step 1

Fill the kitchen sink with warm water and a squirt of dish soap.

Step 2

Dip the frying pan into the water and rub with a sponge. Flip the sponge to the nylon scrubber side if you need heavier cleaning power. Do not use steel wool or wire scrubbing pads, as these scratch the T-Fal non-stick finish.

Step 3

Remove stains by adding equal portions of water and white vinegar to the frying pan.

Step 4

Bring the mixture to a boil and allow to boil for five minutes.

Step 5

Discard the vinegar and water, rinse the pan with warm water and scrub again with the nylon scrubbing side of the sponge.

Step 6

Rinse your pan with warm water and dry with a dish towel.

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