What Is the Orange Stuff on the Wall of a Bathroom Shower?

When the first signs of any orange stuff growing on the wall of your bathroom shower appear, immediate action should be taken for removal. At the very least the unsightly, persistent orange debris in your shower could provide a health hazard to your family.

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Molded showerhead.


Bathroom Renovations
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Bathroom tub.

The orange stuff on the wall of a bathroom shower usually starts as light pink and can be found in other areas of the shower and shower curtain. The orange stuff can also be found around the sink and in both the toilet bowl and tank.

Hard water cause

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Hard water.

Water that has a high mineral content including iron, will leave rust stains around the faucets, drains and corners of the tub and shower. Soap scum build-up on the shower wall will trap water allowing for the rust to settle on the scum.

Bacterial cause

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Microscopic view of bacteria.

Serratia marcescens is a bacteria present in water. Growth is encouraged when moisture is stagnant for long periods of time. If left alone, growth can become dark red. When introduced into the human body, numerous infectious health issues can occur.


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Bleach will kill the bacteria. Thoroughly clean the shower with chlorine bleach or chlorine based cleaner. Soap scum build-up may require a non-abrasive cleansing pad or brush. Persistent rust and mineral stains can be removed with a product designed to eliminate rust and other minerals.


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Clean bathroom regularly.

Regular cleanings with a chlorine based cleaner will prevent the bacteria that creates the orange stuff from finding a home in your bathroom shower.