How to Get Rid of Sand Wasps

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Sand wasps can often be found in sand dunes.

Sand wasps nest in loose sand that gets plenty of sun. They dig tunnels and live in elaborate "condominiums." These insects are not aggressive and will not sting you if you approach them. They hunt insects, paralyze them with their sting, and then drag them down into their sand burrows. They feed the insect to their larvae. The adult sand wasps feed on nectar. It is easy to differentiate between a sand wasp and other wasp species. The sand wasp's elongated, triangular labrum is a physical feature that is easily recognizable. Because this species of wasp is not dangerous, removing them is a simple process.


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Step 1

Buy a good insecticide dust. Insecticide dusts can be bought online or at any store that sells pest control products.

Step 2

Wait until the evening to attempt to dust the sand wasps. Most of the sand wasps will be inside their habitat by that time.

Step 3

Dust the holes of the sand wasp's habitat with the insecticide. Repeat as necessary the following evening.



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