How to Kill Roaches in Electronics

Roaches repulse people and make a space seem unsanitary. They also present health problems because they can contaminate food and spread human pathogens, such as Salmonella and E. coli, which can lead to food poisoning and diarrhea. Their saliva, feces and skin can exacerbate allergies and asthma. People usually spray insecticides to kill roaches. However, sometimes roaches hide in electronic appliances, which can be damaged by insecticides. You can use several methods to kill roaches in electronics.

A roach infestation can lead to health problems.

Step 1

Clean the area around the electronic appliances. Cockroaches need food and water to survive, and cleaning the area removes these resources. Vacuum debris on the floor and store food in insect-proof containers. Vacuuming in and around the electronic appliances also removes roaches and roach egg cases. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends using a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to minimize cockroach debris. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag outside.

Step 2

Set sticky insect traps around the electronic devices where the roaches occur, for example around refrigerators. Place these traps tightly against walls or other objects to encourage roaches to go over them. Once roaches cover the surface, replace these traps with new ones. This method catches some roaches and helps you monitor the presence of the insects, but does not usually reduce the roach problem.

Step 3

Place roach baits that contain abamectin, fipronil or hydramethylnon in areas around the roach-infested electronic devices according to the product label instructions. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recommends using gel baits for best results. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, you can obtain these in child-proof containers for safety. Baits act slowly and it may take time before they kill the roaches.

Step 4

Place boric acid dust in areas around electronic devices that children and pets can't reach. For example, you can apply it behind and under the refrigerator. When roaches walk over it, it sticks to their bodies and gets ingested during grooming. Boric acid works as a stomach poison.

Step 5

Place any small roach-infested electronic device in a plastic bag, close the bag and place it in the freezer overnight. In the winter, you can instead place the bag outside for not less than five days if the temperature is at least as cold as about 0 degrees Fahrenheit.