How to Neutralize Paint Thinner Fumes in the House

Paint and paint thinner contain chemicals that off-gas volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs that pollute your home's air quality and that have been linked to health issues, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You can prevent any damage to your home's air environment by using paint thinner in a separate garage, shed or even outside. Remove these paint thinner fumes from your home as soon as possible.

Avoid paint thinner fumes by using latex water-based paint.

Step 1

Launder any objects that may have been covered in paint thinner. This might necessitate dry cleaning rugs, curtains or tablecloths.

Step 2

Position box fans near each open door in your home and turn them on the highest setting possible. Let them run for several hours or several days to suck the odor out of the house and to replenish your home's air. Keep it there for several days until the smell is gone.

Step 3

Fill shallow bowls with activated charcoal, which absorbs odors in the air. Place the bowls in each room that smells like paint thinner. Keep it there for several days until the smell is gone.