A Homemade Air Freshener for Home Air Conditioners

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The same ingredients used to make potpourri can go into a homemade air freshener.

If you have central air conditioning in your home, you also have a wonderful potential air freshening system. Your central air conditioner can be a good way to spread a pleasant scent around your home if you know how to prepare some aromatic home remedies to help it do the job. There are several ways to turn your cooling system into a fragrant deodorizer by using common ingredients, and knowing how to combine them and where to put them.



You can gather a variety of dried, crushed herbs to make a sachet to help spice up the smell of your home. Use cheesecloth or another more attractive fabric, place a variety of potpourri type ingredients into the fabric and tie it up. Drop the sachets into the ducts behind the air system registers, or simply place the sachets on top of the registers so the blowing air wafts the fragrance into the room. Common ingredients for your sachet include lavender flowers, rose petals, sandalwood powder, cloves and cedar shavings, among others. Experiment with ingredients to achieve the fragrance you like.


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Lemon Spray

A simple refreshing solution that will bring a fresh scent to your home via the air conditioner is lemon. Create a lemon air freshener using a spray bottle, water and just a few drops of lemon essential oils. Simply fill a spray bottle with water, put two or three drops of the oil in the water and shake it to mix. Spray this solution into your air conditioner vents throughout the home. Each time the air conditioner comes on, the scent of the oil will waft through the house to give everyone a light blast of refreshment. If you have areas that need more deodorizing, the spray is also effective for misting in those areas. You'll need to reapply the spray every few days to keep the smell strong enough to work.



When you air conditioner comes on, the fans suck air through an intake somewhere in the house and that air is re-circulated throughout the home. An air filter protects the air intake. You need to change it about once every month or two for the most efficiency in your central air system. Each time you change the filter you can add a few drops of essential oils to the fabric of the filter and the air will take on the scent as it passes through. Choose your favorite scented oils, such as lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus or any other smell you find appealing. Use only a small amount, as it can be strong undiluted and you don't want the fragrance to be overpowering. This method works well during cooling and heating seasons.


Dryer Sheets

If you love the smell of your laundry when it comes out of the dryer and would like more of that fresh scent around your home, it is easy to accomplish. The dryer sheets that many people put in the dryer to soften clothes are the main reason your clothes smell so good. Get a few of the new sheets out of the box and simply stuff the dryer sheets into the ducts behind the room registers. When the air blows through the vent, it will pick up a little of the scent and carry it into the rooms.



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