How to Recoat a Non-Stick Pan

Nonstick pans are a useful tool in the kitchen that remove the need for nonstick spray or oil when cooking a meal. However, the coating on these pans can sometimes become scratched or nicked from utensils or over-use. If you need a way to make your nonstick pan like new, there are several avenues to explore. These techniques range from re-coating the pan yourself to sending it out to have it professionally refinished.

Nonstick pans can be recoated.

Step 1

Apply a nonstick coating spray to the pan. These can be purchased from online vendors. The spray is applied and left to dry before using the pan again.

Step 2

Send the pan to a company that specializes in coating pots and pans with Teflon.

Step 3

Contact the original manufacturer of the pan to see if they might help with re-coating. Some high quality pans come with a warranty and the company may refinish the pan free of charge.