How to Hang a Toy Hammock

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Drill and bit

  • Mounting hooks

  • Toy hammock


If the mounting hooks are not secure, you may need anchor screws to attach the hooks more firmly to the wall. Read the hammock instructions for specific details on mounting it securely.

Do not hang the toy hammock too close to the ceiling or you may have trouble getting toys and stuffed animals in and out.


Check the weight limit of the hammock and do not overfill. If you add too much weight, it may pull out the hooks and damage the wall.

A toy hammock is a nylon net or mesh carrier that holds stuffed animals or toys. It is an easy and inexpensive storage solution that reduces clutter and opens up floor or shelf space in your child's room. Toy hammocks are usually hung in a corner of a room using two or three loops and mounting hooks. When you buy a toy hammock, mounting hardware is usually included.


Step 1

Determine where you want the toy hammock. Measure the same distance from the ceiling on each wall several feet from the corner. If the hammock has three hooks, measure down from the ceiling to a point in the corner also. Mark the locations with a pencil.

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Step 2

Double-check the location. Hold the hammock up on each end to make sure the holes are the correct distance apart. If the holes are too far apart, the hammock will not sag enough to hold the items. If the holes are too close, the hammock may sag too far down and touch furniture.

Step 3

Drill pilot holes into your marked spots. Be sure to check the size of the mounting hooks to match the size of your drilled holes.


Step 4

Twist in the mounting hooks. Make sure the hooks face upward and feel secure.

Step 5

Hang the toy hammock on the hooks using the loops attached to the net. Add the stuffed animals and toys.


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