How to Convert a Camper Pedestal Dinette Table Into a Bed

Campers and RVs maximize square footage by making the dining area double as a sleeping space. During the day, the pedestal table serves as a convenient spot for meals or card games. At night, the table converts to a bed suitable for children or adults. The dinette's cushions become the bed's mattress. The space converts to a table again for breakfast. Though each brand of camper may be slightly different, the conversion process for most is the same.

Senior Couple Sit at a Table in a Motor Home, Having Lunch
credit: Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images
The pedestal table in many campers converts to a bed.

Step 1

Release any lever that keeps the table from turning. Not every pedestal table has such a lever. If it does, it will be located near the pedestal at the center of the table. Pull out on the lever to release it.

Step 2

Lift the tabletop off the pedestal. Set the tabletop to one side.

Step 3

Remove the pedestal from the collar in the floor. Grasp the pedestal and lift straight up. Set it aside.

Step 4

Set the tabletop into place between the dinette seats. The tabletop will rest on a narrow lip made onto the seats for this purpose.

Step 5

Arrange the cushions from the back of the dinette seats on the tabletop. Cover the cushions with sheets or a sleeping bag.