How to Replace the Battery in a Dustbuster

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The compact Dustbuster vacuum cleaner allows homeowners to clean in tight spots and is lightweight for easy handling. The Dustbuster features a rechargeable battery that can last for years. However, all batteries wear out over time and the Dustbuster's battery is no different. Whether your battery has worn out from use or is malfunctioning, it only takes a few minutes to replace the old battery with a new one. Your Dustbuster will work like new again.


Step 1

Wait for the battery to die before changing it, unless it might be unsafe to do so. If there is a chance the battery may be damaged, leaking or corroded, wear gloves while handling it and wash your hands afterward.

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Step 2

Turn the Dustbuster off. Turn it over and remove the screws on the bottom near the handle end of the appliance. Near the screws are two plastic tabs. Press these tabs and remove the underside of the Dustbuster.


Step 3

Remove the screws that hold the battery in place. Typically they are located on either side of the battery near the top.

Step 4

Slide the battery toward the back of the Dustbuster. Remove the battery completely after it has slid free of its holder. Place the battery in a clear plastic bag. Take the battery to a recycling center for proper disposal.


Step 5

Slide the new battery into place and secure with the screws. Replace the underside of the Dustbuster, allowing the tabs to snap back into place. Replace the screws and charge the battery, if needed, before use.



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