How to Sneak Out of Your House Door Alarms

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Things You'll Need

  • Dark clothing

  • Hat

  • Flashlight

  • Good, soundless shoes

  • Small screwdrivers

  • Wire cutters

  • Small hand mirror


Practice your escape route before you plan to get out. If you mess up during your escape, you could get into big trouble with other residents and the law.


Never use these techniques for criminal purposes. There will be serious consequences. Make sure you can dismantle the alarms before sneaking out. Nothing would be worse than to fail to dismantle the alarm, causing the other residents to awaken and find you.

Sneaking out is something that people have been doing for many years. Usually the people that usually sneak out are children who have been grounded or otherwise confined to the house. However, sneaking can also be done just for the fun of it. Door alarms can be a serious hamper to sneaking activities. If there are door alarms in the building that you are trying to sneak out of, don't despair. There are several different ways to get around them.


Step 1

Dress in close-fitting, dark clothing. This will enable you to blend into the shadows during the night. Bring a flashlight, wire cutters, screwdrivers and a small mirror with you. Wear shoes that do not make any noise. There are three main types of door alarm systems, and each one can be avoided in a different manner.

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Step 2

Avoiding a beam of light system can be tricky. Take the hand mirror and place it across the beam of light guarding the door. This will cause the light beam to break and reflect back on itself. This should allow you to open the door without the alarm going off.


Step 3

Avoiding a motion detection system. Locate the motion sensor. Determine what kinds of movements activate the system. This should be done before you plan to sneak past. Once you have discovered where the sensor is located, slowly move towards it. Once you reach the sensor disable it with the wire cutters. It may be necessary to use a screwdriver as well.

Step 4

Avoiding a magnetic strip system. Watch the door ahead of time to find out how it works. The magnetic strip system causes the alarm to go off when the door is opened because the magnets have been separated. It is almost impossible to dismantle this kind of system while the alarm is set. Dismantle it by removing one of the magnetic strips or by cutting the wires with the wire cutters. Or plan on taking a route that does not go through that door.


Step 5

Taking alternative routes is a viable option. Determine if there are any doors that do not have an alarm system installed on them. Check windows for alarms and visibility. If your house is of pier and beam construction, it is also sometimes possible to escape through the crawl space under the house.


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