My GE Refrigerator Is Beeping

A GE refrigerator uses indicator lights and sounds to signal to the user when certain functions are active or inactive. If the unit beeps repeatedly for long periods of time, it can become quite annoying. There are a couple of explanations as to what the beeping is all about and there are sure-fire ways to stop it.

GE units beep when the doors are left open too long.

Door Alarm

The main cause of a beeping GE unit is an open refrigerator door. Some models are equipped with an internal door alarm, which trips when the door remains open for 3 minutes or longer.

Door Seal

If beeping persists after the freezer or refrigerator door is closed, the door seals may be blocked or so dirty that the internal door alarm is tripped. The seals can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Also, an item inside the refrigerator may be preventing the door from fully closing.

Cooling System

Reactivating the refrigerator's cooling system includes a beeping noise. When the refrigerator is off, the "Off/Off" light appears on the door display. When the "Adjust Freezer" and "Energy Saver" buttons are held down for approximately 3 seconds at the same time the beep sounds and the "Off/Off" indicator disappears. Hold the "Ice Off" and "Freezer" buttons to activate the cooling system inside of the fresh food compartment. A beep signals the system is activated. The beeping should stop after the cooling system turns on. If it fails to stop, try unplugging the power cord to reset the connection.


The GE's internal door alarm can get stuck. Try unplugging the refrigerator for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in. If the beeping continues, the internal door alarm might be broken or defective. Contact the manufacturer or a technician for further assistance.

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