How Do You Stop an ADT Security Alarm After It Goes Off?

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A house alarm can wake up your neighbors at night if you don't turn it off quickly.
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Using an ADT security alarm to guard your home means you have to know what could trigger an alarm response. A security alarm usually includes a network of digital sensors on the doors and windows in your house that are vulnerable to break-ins from intruders.


Once the security system is activated and sensors are armed, opening a window or door will set off the alarm within seconds. The sound should be jolting enough to scare off any trespassers and make their presence known to your neighbors. In addition to the noise, security companies like ADT offer services that notify homeowners and law enforcement if an unexpected entry happens.

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A security system can efficiently protect your home, but its noisy emergency response can only be delayed with a predetermined security code. You will use this code daily to disarm the system every time you open and close the door to your home.


The double-edged sword of security systems is that it's nearly impossible to turn off the alarm without the code, and ADT will not give you the code if you call in and ask for it. What can you do if you've lost the code or can't remember it? In a pinch, you can manually disable the alarm with basic knowledge of your home's electrical wiring.

Deactivate Security Alarm With Code

This is the most ideal and straightforward solution to an unexpected home security alarm mishap. ADT gives you between 30 seconds and three minutes to shut off your alarm after it sounds. If you can remember the code within 30 seconds of the alarm sounding, you can consider the situation under control. Simply go to your home alarm's keypad and enter the code you were given that shuts off the alarm.


ADT can determine if an alarm was triggered by accident, or if there is a real emergency situation at hand. Before calling the authorities, ADT may contact the account holder first to ensure that there is no issue.

In this case, ADT will call you to ensure there is no emergency, and then ask you for the password. This is the same verbal security password that was set up with the alarm. If you give ADT the correct password, they will give you the code to shut off your alarm. If you lost the code or don't know the password, the only way to shut off the alarm is to physically disable it. You will then have to reset it so you can input a new code and use your alarm system.


Deactivate Security Alarm Without Code

Without the right security code or password, you may need to physically disarm the power supply of your ADT security alarm. You may need a screwdriver to remove the AC power adapter from the outlet, and a key to access your circuit breaker.

  1. Unplug the alarm's transformer box and remove the battery. The transformer box is likely either in the basement or a closet, plugged into an outlet near your circuit breaker box or fuse box.

    The transformer box is the primary power supply for your alarm system. Inside the box, there is a battery that acts as a secondary source of power for your alarm. If you simply disconnect your alarm but leave the battery in, it will not shut off.

  2. Open up your home's circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is located in the same area as the alarm's transformer box. It is located inside a metal box. Follow the wires from the transformer to the circuit board and locate the switch that is powering the alarm.

  3. Flip off the switch and your alarm will shut off.



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