How to Cut an Angle on a Handrail

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Things You'll Need

  • Miter saw

  • Handrail

  • Pencil

Handrails are an important safety feature in any home. They help to prevent accidents on stairs and can look beautiful when attached properly. Perhaps one of the most difficult steps in attaching a handrail is cutting it on an angle at the right length. You can get professional results on a do-it-yourself handrail project when you know how to properly cut a handrail on an angle.


Step 1

Set the miter saw on a 45-degree angle. You will want the angle to slope upward toward the ceiling when the handrail is installed, so be sure you are setting the miter saw degree in the right direction.

Step 2

Cut the end of the handrail on a 45 degree mitered angle. Rest the handrail on the stairs with the 45 degree angle touching the floor below the stairs.

Step 3

Mark the rail for the top cut. With the handrail resting on the stairs, make a mark with a pencil on the handrail where the rail reaches the nose of the top step.

Step 4

Cut the handrail on the mark at a 45 degree angle. This angle should face down toward the floor, opposite the cut on the bottom of the railing.



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