How to Confirm a Change in Mailing Address

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Moving is a monumental chore. Even though there are seemingly a million tasks to check off the to-do list as you transition to your new residence, it's important that you don't skip officially changing your address. Forgetting to submit your change of address with the United States Postal Service could result in important mail never making it to your mailbox or, even worse, identity theft from mail interception. Confirming your change of address can be done online or in person at the post office.


Confirming Your Change of Address Online

The USPS offers Moversguide, an online system for movers to officially change their address and begin forwarding their mail to their new location. At the bottom of the official change-of-address form, there's an option to select "View, Edit, Cancel or Extend Your Change-of-Address Order." Click this if you have already entered your change-of-address request to check the status of it.


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You'll need to supply a confirmation code and your new ZIP code. The confirmation code can be found in the confirmation email that was sent to you if you changed your address online. If you submitted the change of address at the post office, then the confirmation number is located in a change-of-address letter sent to the new address.

Confirming Your Address Change at a Post Office

Changing your address at the post office requires filling out PS Form 3575. This form applies to both residential moves with a new mailing address as well as when you change your address to a PO box. Form 3575 cannot be printed from a home or office computer and must be picked up from the post office. Once you submit the form, USPS sends out a "moving validation letter" to the mailing address you're leaving.


Then, within five postal service days of your scheduled change-of-address date and when your mail will begin being forwarded, USPS sends your new address a customer notification letter along with a welcome kit. You'll find the confirmation number located in these documents.

The confirmation code can be used to quickly make changes to your change-of-address form online, or you can take the code into your post office and speak with a postal clerk to make amendments to your change of address or to ensure mail is being forwarded to the correct address with the correct start date.


Tips to Avoid Missing Mail

Your mail won't instantaneously begin showing up at your new place even though you've scheduled mail to be forwarded there. USPS will stop delivering mail to your old address on the designated date on your change-of-address form. However, it will take seven to 10 postal business days to begin arriving at your new address.


Don't rest on your laurels just because your mail is being forwarded by the post office. You can really make sure you're receiving important correspondence by changing your address directly with bill collectors, clients, and vendors.

Finally, let the IRS know about your new address. The IRS advises that even if you've updated your address with USPS, you should still fill out Form 8822, Change of Address, because otherwise, you may not receive government checks, like Social Security checks, stimulus checks, and tax returns.



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