How to Confirm a Change in Mailing Address

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After your change of address request has been processed, you should contact your credit card companies and other vendors directly to make sure they have your new address. The Postal Service will forward mail to your new address, but it is a good idea to have important mail sent directly to your new location.

The United States Postal Service processes approximately 40 million change of address requests each year. Validating your change of mailing address with the Postal Service is an important step in protecting yourself from identity theft. It has developed effective ways to confirm a change of address request, and the process is relatively straightforward if you know what to expect.


Step 1

Visit the U.S. Postal Service website and fill out the electronic change of address form (see Resources). You will be asked to enter your current and new mailing addresses.

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Step 2

Enter your credit card information when prompted to do so. Changing your mailing address is free; however, the Postal Service uses a small credit card transaction (usually about $1) to confirm your change of address request. If the billing address on the credit card you enter does not match the current mailing address you enter on the website, your change of address request will not be processed.


Step 3

Look for the Postal Service's change of address confirmation letter, which will be sent to you within two to three days of your request. The letter will inform you that a change of address request has been processed on your behalf. Read the letter carefully to make sure that your new address has been entered correctly. If the information is accurate, you will not have to do anything further with the letter.