How to Install Metal Security Screen Doors

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You can replace your old screen door with a metal security screen door.
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Metal security screen doors are an economical choice for home and business owners who desire increased security protection for their dwellings. Security doors come in a wide range of colors, styles and features to suit any home or business. Since security screen doors are an inexpensive and popular alternative to metal window bars and fencing, they are widely available at most local home improvement stores.


Installing security doors is a relatively quick project, so many do-it-yourselfers prefer to do their own installation rather than pay for the cost of a professional. You can find plenty of metal security screen door choices at local hardware and home improvement stores; online retailers are good options as well. The following steps will explain how to install metal security doors.

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Install a Metal Screen Door

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools and Materials

Choose a metal security door with attached hinges to facilitate easier installation. Base your selection on the measurements of the door it will cover. All necessary mounting hardware should be included with the purchase of the door. Check the manufacturer's instructions to verify that you have all the hardware and accessories that you'll need for your project. Because models vary, follow the manufacturer's user guide for specific installation instructions and diagrams. Lay out all installation accessories and tools for easy reference.


Step 2: Measure the Opening and Cut the Z Bar

Use a tape measure to measure the height of the door opening. Measure from the top inner frame (the header) of the door to the lower inner frame (the threshold). The Z bar is a piece included with the door purchase and will attach to the metal screen door. Wear safety glasses and gloves during the installation. Use a hacksaw to cut the Z bar to fit within the door opening. Do this by cutting the Z bar 3/16 inch smaller than the width of the door frame.


Step 3: Check for Proper Fit

Put the metal security screen door inside of the door opening. Examine the door placement and make sure the door fits properly. Have a partner help hold the door in place so that you can begin drilling.

Step 4: Hang the Metal Screen Door

Use a power drill to secure the door to the brick molding. Do this by using the screws included in the manufacturer's installation hardware. Drill these screws through the holes in the hinge and drive them through the Z bar and into the molding. Open and close the door to verify that it is hung evenly.


Step 5: Secure the Header

Place the header piece above the metal security screen door. Locate the precut holes in the header to determine where to place the screws. Match the size of your screwdriver blade to the size of the supplied screws. Use the screwdriver to screw the header in place.

Step 6: Install the Expander

Open the door. Slip the expander piece along the bottom of the security screen door. The expander is a strip that acts as a barrier to keep debris from collecting beneath the door. Use an electric drill to screw the expander into place. Open and close the door again to ensure that there is enough clearance once the expander is in place. Once the expander is correctly installed, the installation is complete.



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