How to Put Out an Electric Oven Heating Element That Catches on Fire

The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home. Everybody seems to end up there, even dinner guests. But it's also the place where most home fires and home-fire injuries happen. Cooking appliances, especially stoves, cause most of them. Knowing how to put out kitchen fires is as essential as knowing how to cook -- and a lot simpler. Even something unexpected, such as an electric-oven heating element catching fire, can be easily handled when you know the rules.

Interior of household kitchen
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Step 1

Close the oven door, and keep it closed. This will deprive the fire of oxygen.

Step 2

Turn off the heat.

Step 3

Pull the plug from the wall outlet, if you can reach it safely. As an alternative, you may flip the appropriate circuit breaker.

Step 4

Check the heating element carefully, or have the oven serviced, before you use it again. Such fires are frequently caused by damage to the element, which may need to be replaced.

Kat Milner

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