How to Calculate Fire Load

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Calculating fire load is an important safety measure.

According to United States law, the fire load of a building is a number measured in kilograms-per-square meter. The fire load of a compartment, which can be a building or container, represents the maximum amount of combustible material that is safely stored in that compartment. With a few pieces of information and a relatively simple math equation, you are able to correctly determine the fire load of a compartment.


Step 1

Determine the weight of combustible materials in the compartment for which you wish to calculate fire load. This value is represented by "W" and is measured in kilograms.

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Step 2

Determine the value of these materials in calories. This value is represented by "C" and is measured in kilojoules/kilogram.


Step 3

Determine the area of the compartment. This value is represented by "A" and is measured in square meters.

Step 4

Multiply M by C and divide the total by A to determine the fire load. The equation looks like this:

fire load = (M x C) / A

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