Combination Directions for Fire Fyter Safes

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Fire Fyter brand safes are steel-constructed, fire-resistant safes manufactured by Center Manufacturing Company exclusively in the United States. The safes feature electronic, LASR or dial-combination locks. Dial-combination Fire Fyter safes may have a single combination dial lock or a combination and key-lock system design. No matter the type of Fire Fyter combination safe that you use, opening your safe only requires that you know the combination for your specific safe and the correct dialing sequence to use to dial the combination.


Step 1

Align the "0" on your Fire Fyter safe's combination dial directly under the pointer at the 12 o'clock position.

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Step 2

Turn the dial slowly left counterclockwise four times and then stop at the first number of your combination.

Step 3

Reverse direction and turn the dial right clockwise three times, stopping with the second number of your combination at the 12 o'clock position under the pointer.


Step 4

Move the dial left again two times and stop with the third number of your combination directly under the pointer.

Step 5

Rotate the dial right until the last number of your combination rests at 12 o'clock and stop. Let go of the dial. If your Fire Fyter safe has a double-lock system with a key, insert the key in the keyhole and turn it.

Step 6

Grasp the handle on the door of your safe and turn it left. Pull open the door.



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