How Long Does Cigarette Smoke Smell Stay in A Room?

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Cigarette smoke has lasting effects.

The amount of time the smell of cigarette smoke remains in a room depends on several factors, including the size of the room and the amount of ventilation and air flow.


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A well-ventilated room will disperse the smell of cigarette smoke a few hours after the cigarette is extinguished, depending on the size of the room. Air purifiers can aid in clearing the air as well.


The smell from cigarette smoke lingers in a room because the smoke leaves particles that seep into the fibers of furniture, curtains and carpets. Other factors include the number of cigarettes smoked in the room and for how long.


Removing the Smell

Baking soda, charcoal and vinegar are among the list of natural products that aid in removing the smell of cigarette smoke. There are also commercial preparations that claim to eliminate the odor. However, air fresheners and sprays mask the smell of smoke; they do not remove it.


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