My Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Won't Open or Close

The Intellicode system on your Genie garage door opener uses a technology that creates a new code between the remote and the door opener each time you activate the door. There are also other safety features built into the opener to prevent the door from being damaged should the door encounter an obstruction during operation. The safety features will usually only affect one direction or another, seldom both. However, when your Genie Intellicode door opener will not open or close, you should inspect the safety feature along with other small steps before calling a door professional.

Step 1

Look for the obvious. Make sure the garage door opener power cord is plugged into the ceiling outlet. Sometimes the small shaking of the motor head during normal operation will loosen and disconnect the power cord.

Step 2

Look at the LED lights on the photo-eyes on each side of the lower door track. You have a green light on one and a red light on the other. If both lights are not lit, adjust the eyes until both LEDs are lit. When the photo eyes are out of alignment, the door opener will not operate. There are thumbscrews on each photo eye that you loosen, and you can move the photo eyes until the LED illuminates. Hold the photo eye in place and re-tighten the thumbscrew.

Step 3

Test the garage door opener by the push button wall station. Press the wall button to see if the garage door opens. If the opener works, you will either need to change the batteries in your remotes or reprogram the remotes to the opener. If the opener does not work from the push button station, you will need to call a door professional to inspect the motor.

Step 4

Push the battery cover off the back of the remote control with your finger, if the door opener operates with the wall push button station. Pull the battery out of the remote and insert a new battery. Slide the cover back over the remote and attempt to operate the opener with the remote control. If the motor operates, you just had a weak or dead remote battery. If the opener still does not open or close, try reprogramming the remote.

Step 5

Set up a step ladder under the garage door opener power head and locate the programming button on the power head. The programming button will either be on the back of the motor or the side and is usually next to the limit adjustment screws. There is a LED light next to the programming button. Press the programming button with your finger until the LED illuminates. Press the remote control button and the lights on the power head will flash. Press the remote again and the opener should operate.