How to Pop a Window Screen Back in Place

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Most window screens are designed to be easily removed or popped back into place. Whether your screens are decades old or fairly new, small springs or tabs inside the screen frame must be pulled to pop the screens back in place.

How to Install Tabbed Screens

Window screens are usually designed to be installed from the inside. Inspect the screen, looking for two tabs, sliders or pegs somewhere inside the frame. The tabs may be near the bottom, along the top or aligned on one side. Position these facing inside the house, facing you.


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  • If the screen has two sliders or tabs near the bottom, it also has hooks or levers that stick out along the sides, holding the screen in the frame. Pop the top end of the screen into its track, then line up the bottom with the track, squeezing both tabs or sliders toward the center to draw the levers in. Push the bottom of the screen into the track, then release the sliders.
  • Install a screen with pegs or tabs on one side by positioning the opposite end of the screen into the screen track. Pull the pegs or tabs simultaneously as you press the remaining side of the screen into place. Release the pegs or tabs.
  • Install a screen with plastic loop-style pulls along one side by pressing the opposite end of the screen into place first; this side should have two springy pieces of metal protruding where the screen fits into the track. Place your finger into the top plastic loop at the opposite side to guide the top of the screen into place. Guide the bottom into place with the bottom loop.



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