How to Eliminate the Smoke Odor From Vents

Smoke damage and odor are difficult to eliminate from homes. Whether from heavy indoor cigarette smoke or smoke damage from a house fire, smoke lingers in the home long after the flame is extinguished. Smoke will adhere to walls and surface material easily in the form of tar and sometimes a yellowish resin. Removing the accompanying odor can take some time depending on how heavy the damage is. However, erasing a lingering smoke odor that has circulated through the home via air vents can be accomplished without consulting a professional fire restoration service.

Gross smell
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Step 1

Locate all vent covers. Take the covers off of all vents inside the home.

Step 2

Soak the vent covers in a solution of warm water and bleach overnight. This will rid the covers of any sticky smoke residue.

Step 3

Spray Nok-Out or any other reputable smoke odor remover into vents generously, or soak a rag with the remover, and wipe the interior of the vents. Spray Nok-Out directly onto filters, as well.

Step 4

Turn the air conditioner or heater fan on to circulate the air, and let it run for 24 hours. The smoke odor should be removed after 24 to 36 hours.