How to Use Swimming Pool Clarifiers. Use swimming pool clarifiers when your swimming pool becomes cloudy and won't clear up with the help of your filtration system within 24 to 48 hours. The remaining particles are too small for the swimming pool filter to pick them up, so adding a clarifier helps to clump all the particles together so the pool filter can pick them up.

Step 1

Run your swimming pool filter for 24 to 48 hours. If the pool is still cloudy then move to Step 2 to add the clarifier.

Step 2

Add the amount of clarifier into your swimming pool according to the package directions. It depends on how large of a swimming pool you have, how much clarifier you add for effectiveness. Purchase the clarifier from the Resources section.

Step 3

Let your swimming pool sit with the clarifier working. Keep the filter running overnight to collect any particles that the clarifier clumps together.

Step 4

Vacuum out the clumped particles on the bottom of the pool the filter did not remove. Keep the filter running to remove any pieces that break off while vacuuming.

Step 5

Test your swimming pool water for pool chemical levels. When the pool levels are back to normal, it is safe for swimming.