Why Are the Jets Not Working on my Inground Pool?

Swimming pool jets are responsible for channeling the filtered water back into the filter. The water first enters a pool skimmer and goes through the filter where it's cleaned free of dirt and debris. When the swimming pool jets appear to be malfunctioning, it's most likely the result of problems with the pool skimmer or the filter itself. Basic troubleshooting can solve common pool problems such as low jet pressure.

Step 1

Adjust the swimming pool jets. The jets are designed to be rotated to point the return water flow in several directions. Sometimes the jets get pointed downward. Turn the swimming pool jets to adjust them to be parallel to the surface.

Step 2

Fill up the pool to the proper water level height which is somewhere between the halfway and two-thirds level of the skimmer's vertical height. The skimmer is located somewhere near the top of the pool. Water height below the skimmer will prevent proper water circulation through the filter system.

Step 3

Clean the pool's skimmer basket which is responsible for blocking large items such as leaves from entering the pool filter. If there is too much debris in the skimmer, this also lowers water pressure through the filter which will make the return jets seem as if they're malfunctioning.

Step 4

Backwash your pool filter if the pressure rises 8 to 10 lbs. per square inch (psi) above its normal pressure as indicated on the filter gauge. Backwashing procedures and normal filter pressures can vary based on filter type which is either a cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth filter. When the filter needs to be cleaned, pressure inside the filter rises, which limits water circulation through the pool jets.