How to Use Algaecide in Swimming Pools

How to Use Algaecide in Swimming Pools. To treat algae in your swimming pool, you need to raise its chlorine content. Sometimes, however, your best option is to use algaecide. The following steps will help you implement this portion of your pool care regimen.

Step 1

Make sure your pool's mechanics are in good working order. Adjust the pH level if necessary before you start treatment.

Step 2

Superchlorinate your water and then let it sit for 24 to 48 hours so it goes back to normal levels. The chlorine level must be at a normal level before you treat your pool with algaecide.

Step 3

Add the algaecide according to the package directions. Use the algaecide calculator in the Resources section below.

Step 4

Let your pool sit overnight and then vacuum the dead algae the next morning.

Step 5

Adjust your pool's pH level and then watch the chlorination level closely.

Step 6

Add a Polyquat algae concentration or a copper chelate solution to your pool, depending on your preference and your pool's needs.