The Average Cost of an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools vary in size from small children's wading pools to a large 33-foot round size, which holds 25,000 gallons of water. However, the most common size pool among all of the above grounds is a 24-foot round. The cost of these 13,600-gallon backyard recreation centers directly relates to the geographic area you are located. Labor can, or does not have to be part of the installation cost. Material quality and quantity are both factors in the equation as well.

Pool Packages

The quality of the pool is the first consideration. Steel walls having multiple protective coatings and feature warranties up to 30 years, which is an indicator of higher quality. Retailers offer 24-foot round pool packages for as low as $1,200, but consider what the package includes. Most times, it will have a pump and filter system and an A-frame ladder, and that is all. The system may not be a name brand, which is a red flag because getting parts for an obsolete or obscure filtering system can be either expensive or impossible. The average cost for a package including only these items, but of good quality, should be around $2,100.

Needed Items

Items such as an extension pole, leaf net attachment, curved wall brush, vacuum head, solar cover, winter cover, backwash hose and enough balancing chemicals and chlorine to start the pool and continue for the first month of operation, should cost an additional $500. Therefore, the average 24-foot round pool package should total around $2,600.


There are other products that pool owners should consider purchasing such as foam bottom, foam walls, pool cove, an automatic pool cleaner, a ladder pad, pool stairs with handrails, a pool alarm and a thermometer. These products all enhance the pool experience by bringing comfort, ease or safety to the pool owners and guests. These additional items could add another $1,100 to the cost of your package, but are worth the price in the benefits they produce.


An experienced four person crew starting at 7 a.m. and working straight through, except to break for lunch, should finish the pool by 7 p.m. Therefore, a 12-hour day, times four people, times whatever labor figure the contractor is charging is a reasonable estimate for labor costs. This is based on no delays for either sand or water deliveries, if they are necessary. Masonry sand provides the base for the pool and a municipality may have to deliver water to a remote pool with no other water access. This also presumes that the pool location has level ground. If the ground is not level, then additional manual labor is involved or possibly the rental fee for a small bobcat or bulldozer to level the ground.


Factors such as bather load, extreme weather (either hot or rainy), and pool owner adherence to a weekly maintenance regime all determine the amount of necessary chemicals each month. Owners using chlorine, in a typical summer, and care for the pool by brushing and vacuuming, can plan on spending between $90 to $100 a month to maintain the pool chemically.