How to Patch an Inflatable Pool

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It's finally warm and sunny outside, the kids are donning their swimsuits anticipating playing in the water, and you blow up their inflatable pool only to discover a leak. The long-awaited fun quickly comes to a screeching halt and the whining begins, especially if you don't have an inflatable pool patch on hand. Many inflatable pool manufacturers include a repair kit with the pool for situations like this, but if not, you can easily purchase one at your local home improvement store and the steps for using it are simple.


Using an Inflatable Pool Patch Kit

You'll need to inflate the kiddie pool to find the leak if you don't already know where it is, but don't fill the pool with water. If you do know where the leak is, circle the area with a marker so you'll be able to easily find it again to place the patch. If you don't know where the leak is, you can locate it by filling a spray bottle with soapy water and spraying suspected areas of the pool. When located, the leak will produce bubbles when the soapy water comes into contact with it. Mark the location with a marker.


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Next, you'll want to clean the area by wiping it off with alcohol to remove any dirt, debris, or oil so the inflatable pool patch adheres to the vinyl pool's side and doesn't peel off. If you don't have a precut patch available, cut a rounded patch that's at least 2 inches larger on all sides than the hole you're sealing. Apply the adhesive that came with the pool patch kit, following the directions on the package.


Once you apply the adhesive to the area, place the patch over the hole and firmly press it in place, making sure all areas of the patch are pressed against the pool. Allow the patched area to thoroughly dry before filling the pool with water.

Using Inflatable Pool Patch Tape

The difference between using inflatable pool patch tape and a standard repair kit is there's no adhesive to deal with, which cuts down on drying time. This means the kids will be able to use the pool sooner because they don't have to wait for the adhesive to dry. Inflate the pool to find the leak, but don't fill it with water until after you apply the patch tape. Label the area with a marker if you know where the leak is, and if not, fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray areas of the pool until you see bubbles. Mark the location with the marker.


Clean the area with alcohol to remove any oil, dirt, and debris so the patching tape adheres. Cut an appropriately sized circular patch from the patch tape to cover the hole, making sure to leave at least 2 inches of extra material on all sides. Place the tape over the hole and firmly press against the pool's vinyl sides, making sure to flatten the tape to remove any air bubbles. Allow the tape to remain in place and don't try to reposition it or the inflatable pool may leak again. The pool is now ready for filling, and the kids can get back to enjoying their pool day.



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