How to Troubleshoot an Intex Above Ground Pool Salt System Generator

Intex is a manufacturer of above-ground inflatable and metal-frame pools. To keep these pools clean and sanitized, Intex offers its own line of pool supplies, including a saltwater chlorination system. Occasionally, these systems will need attention. The Intex system has an LED that displays various codes when a problem occurs. After one hour of the code flashing and the system beeping, the unit will turn off and not produce any chlorine. Keep your saltwater system in perfect working order by troubleshooting any issues as they arise.

Learn to troubleshoot your Intex Saltwater System.

Step 1

Check the screen for the code that is being displayed. If the unit has turned off, press either the down or up arrow button below the screen to see the last code displayed.

Step 2

Refer to the owner's manual to identify the code and the meaning. There are three codes that can display. Code 90 is low or no water flow, code 91 is low salt and code 92 is high salt.

Step 3

Identify the remedy for the code that is flashing. Code 90 means the filter is not on, the hoses are clogged, the filter is clogged or the water is flowing in the wrong direction. Code 91 means more salt should be added to the pool in order for the generator to produce chlorine. Dissolve the salt into the pool and do not run the generator for at least 24 hours. Code 92 means that some of the water will need to be drained. The ideal salinity of a saltwater pool is between 2,500-3,500 parts per million (ppm). This equates to roughly 25 lbs. of salt per 1,000 gallons of water.

Step 4

Correct the issue and test the water with a testing kit. To make sure the generator is producing chlorine, obtain a sample of water that has just exited the return line from the generator. If there is a chlorine reading, the generator is producing chlorine. If the generator is not producing chlorine remove the cell and clean to loosen any buildup.

Step 5

Replace the cell if the buildup will not come off or the unit is still not producing chlorine.