How to Dispose of Pool Filtration Sand

Swimming pools rely on constant water filtration in order to stay clear and well maintained. Filtration systems utilize many types of media to clean the water, including sand. Sand filters clean the pool's water by passing it through a large body of sand where small dirt and debris get caught and removed from the water. About every two years filtration sand gets severely dirty and begins to filter improperly, requiring replacement. Disposing of old filtration sand properly prevents sand from entering the pool water and allows for replacement sand to be inserted into the filter.

Dispose of your pool filtration sand to enable proper replacement or cleaning.

Step 1

Shut off the pump that pulls water through the pool system. Disconnect the top of the pool filter from the PVC plumbing leading into it. If no unscrewable connections or unions exists on the plumbing, cut it using a PVC hacksaw.

Step 2

Unplug or unscrew the plug or cap closing off the drain outlet on the bottom of the filter. Let the water inside the filter drain completely before replacing the plug or cap.

Step 3

Insert a screwdriver into the screw connected to the large metal clamp situated around the filter neck. Unscrew the screw to loosen the clamp. Pull the metal clamp away from the neck of the filter.

Step 4

Pull up on the large dial valve assembly sitting on the filter neck and remove it from the filter. Cover the top opening of the large pipe in the middle of the filter with tape or paper to prevent sand from entering it.

Step 5

Scoop the filtration sand out of the filter body with a plastic scoop or small container. Once little filtration sand remains in the filter, use a shop vacuum to suck it out. Be careful not to hit the plastic laterals located at the bottom of the filter under the sand with the scoop or vacuum.

Step 6

Place the sand into a trash bag and dispose of it in the garbage. Alternatively, spread the sand out in a suitable location in your yard.