Moen showers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles with valve systems that make adjusting and personalizing a shower easy. Features such as the ExactTemp valve let you set the water temperature range to your individual preference, the PosiTemp valve with a temperature limit control to prevent children from turning the hot handle and preset pressure balance controls to prevent hot/cold water surges allow you to make adjustments that create a shower just for you.

Adjust Water Temperature Range Limits (ExactTemp Valve)

Step 1

Check the temperature preset range. This valve comes with a temperature range preset at the factory. It will also allow for personal adjustments of the temperature from a low of 70 degrees F to a high of 120 degrees F. If you are satisfied with the preset range, you will not need to make any adjustments.

Step 2

Remove the plaster cap covering the temperature and flow valve. The temperature valve is directly behind the flow valve. Turn the temperature valve counterclockwise to set the high limit for water temperature. When you reach the desired temperature push, hold, and turn the flow valve counterclockwise. Repeat this process using a clockwise movement to set the low temperature limit.

Step 3

Replace the plaster cap covering the temperature and flow valve.

Adjust Temperature Limit Stops (PosiTemp Valve)

Step 4

Shut off the cold water line. Turn the faucet counterclockwise as far as it will go and drain the line. Check the temperature of the hot water line and then turn the handle to the "off" position.

Step 5

Remove the handle plug button along with the two screws holding the temperature limit stop in place, the temperature limit stop and the cover plate.

Step 6

Rotate exposed cartridge to increase or decrease temperature limit. Rotate clockwise to decrease and counterclockwise to increase water temperature. Replace the handle to test but do not screw it back in until you are satisfied with the water temperature.

Step 7

Replace the handle parts and screw in tightly.

Water Pressure Balancing Valves

Step 8

Examine the water pressure balancing valves. Water pressure ranges are factory set within a balancing spool. Minor adjustments are necessary if any foreign material clogs up the waterline. Evidence of this would show as only a trickle of water coming from the shower faucet, or the availability of only hot, or only cold, water. If minor adjustments for pressure do not solve the problem, the valve will need replacing.

Step 9

Check to make sure both water lines are open and both screwdriver stop-check valves are open.

Step 10

Turn off both the hot and cold water lines. Remove the balancing spool and shake it to loosen any foreign objects. Before replacing, shake spool and ensure you can hear the inner piston moving around.

Step 11

Replace the balancing spool and screw tightly to secure.