Several types of faucets are made by a range of manufacturers today. However, the posi temp faucet is a particular faucet made only by one manufacturer -- Moen. The model has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the rest. The characteristics have to do with the way in which the valve dispenses temperature sensitive water, and it affects other parts of the faucet.

Posi Temp Faucets

Although other manufacturers have similar faucets that operate in the same way, only Moen's faucets carry the trade name posi temp. Delta and American standard make faucets similar to the posi temp models; however, the differences are substantial enough to warrant consideration. For instance, these manufacturers' faucets do not rotate in the same way as the posi temp.

Posi Temp Operation

A posi temp faucet has a handle that rotates a quarter turn in one direction for hot water and a quarter turn in the other direction (from the center mark) for cold water. The Moen posi temp faucet is the only one in Moen's line that has this particular type of valve. When pointing straight down in the six o'clock position (if the faucet trim was a clock face), the faucet is off and dispenses no water. When at the three o'clock position, it dispenses only cold water; when in the nine o'clock position, it dispenses hot water.

Posi Temp Features and Differences

Considered pressure-balancing valves, the valve on the posi temp faucet balances water pressure to maintain a consistent temperature if the pressure from the hot or cold pipes increases or decreases. This feature is also called scald-guard or anti-scald. It prevents scalding occurring from pressure changes in your water system. Other Moen faucets are non-pressure balancing, which means they do not have this special feature. While other faucets feature scald guards through rotational limit stops, or pressure balancing valves, none are specifically called posi temp.

Posi Temp Trim

Posi temp faucets and Moentrol faucets have an unusual trim piece with mounting holes located at the seven o'clock and two o'clock position. If your faucet trim has screw holes in this orientation, it is either a posi temp or Moentrol faucet. Moentrol faucets are another line of Moen's pressure balancing faucets. Regular Moen faucets have screw holes located at the three and nine o'clock positions on either side of the faucet handle. In addition, the handle does not pull out to turn on the water. Other Moen faucets pull out and rotate to operate the hot and cold water.