How to Put Clorox Into a Hot Water Heater

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Bleach can be used to disinfect your household plumbing.

Clorox bleach can be introduced to a houses' water system to disinfect the plumbing and hot-water heater. Do this if you notice a bad smell or taste coming from your water. This process is done by diluting bleach in water and siphoning it through a faucet into the entire system, where it ultimately ends up draining out of the water heater. Choose a plain bleach that is unscented and does not contain any added chemicals.


Step 1

Empty the water heater by attaching a hose to the drain on the bottom and turning the valve directly above the spout. This will allow the water to flow out into a bucket.

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Step 2

Turn the water heater off, or change it to the lowest setting possible if it can't be turned off.


Step 3

Turn off the cold-water valve on the top of the water heater.

Step 4

Mix the appropriate amount of bleach with 2 gallons of water to dilute it. Use the information below: 40-gallon water heater: 3 1/4 cups bleach 50-gallon water heater: 4 cups bleach 80-gallon water heater: 6 cups bleach 120-gallon water heater: 8 3/4 bleach


Step 5

Attach a second piece of hose to a nearby faucet.

Step 6

Place the second end of the hose connected to the water heater drain into the bucket of bleach solution.

Step 7

Open the water heater drain, and turn on the faucet to which the second hose is connected at the same time. This will create a vacuum effect, and the piping will suck up the bleach solution. It will then travel through the entire plumbing system and into the hot-water tank. When all of the bleach solution is in the system, close the water heater drain so it does not start draining out.


Step 8

Reopen the cold-water valve on the water heater, and open all of faucets in the house to get the water flowing. Once water starts coming out, close the valves.

Step 9

Wait 12 hours, then open the drain on the water heater to allow the water to escape.



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