How to Remove a Lid Jammed in a Sink

Dropping a lid in your sink can cause the lid to become jammed in the drain and prevent the sink from draining, but you can remove the jammed lid yourself with a little work and patience. Keep in mind that the size of the lid and the way the lid is jammed into the drain can affect the lid removal process. To avoid jamming the lid farther into the sink drain while attempting to remove it, use a gentle touch.

A lid can get jammed in any size drain, depending on both the lid size and the drain.

Step 1

Twist the drain stopper to unscrew it from the sink, if applicable.

Step 2

Pry the lid up and away from the edge of the drain to remove it, using a butter knife or other long, thin object.

Step 3

Pull the lid out with a toilet plunger, if a butter knife did not work. Hold the plunger to the sink drain the same way you plunge a toilet. Press down and pull.

Step 4

Turn off the water to your sink, if the lid is still stuck. Place a bucket under the sink trap pipe underneath your sink. Wrap the jaws of your wrench or pliers with tape. Unscrew the trap from the sink, using the wrench or pliers. Use a chopstick, knife or other long object to push the lid down the drain, if possible.

Sienna Condy

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