How to Install Kitchen Sink Clips

Installing a new kitchen sink is a fairly inexpensive way to breathe some new life into an aging kitchen. Standard kitchen sinks are held in place on countertops by two different fastening methods: silicone caulk and kitchen sink clips. The caulk helps provide an airtight and secure seal that also helps to prevent water from leaking underneath the countertop, while the kitchen sink clips securely hold the sink in place from below.

Keep your kitchen sink secure in place with kitchen sink clips.

Step 1

Attach the clips to the kitchen sink. Kitchen sink clips are composed of two parts: a long screw with a T-shaped top and the metal clip itself. Slide the clips into the channel on the underside of the sink by inserting the T-shaped part of the screw into the groove on the channel slot. Try to have two clips on each side of the sink for eight clips total.

Step 2

Apply a bead of silicone sealant around the edges of the sink. Use a caulk that is 100 percent silicone and not a blend. Insert the silicone caulk tube into your caulk gun and trim off the end of the nozzle to the 1/4-inch width marking. Gently squeeze the trigger as you guide the caulk gun around the sink.

Step 3

Align the clips so they won't be in your way when you lower the sink into the opening on the counter. Turn the sink over, and set it into place on the counter. Press down firmly. You should see some silicone ooze out of the sides. Don't try to clean it up yet. This is normal.

Step 4

Position yourself underneath the sink. Align the clips so that they are now positioned underneath the counter. Begin tightening them, one clip at a time, with the screwdriver. Alternate by tightening first one side and then the other.

Step 5

Wait 24 hours. Cut away the excess silicone with the razor.